Monday, July 30, 2012

Back From Vacation

Sorry I didn't post for a while; I was visiting my cousins.
Anyhow, it's day 4 of the London 2012 Olympics.
But you probably knew that.
Unless you're, like, some hermit who's out of touch with the world.
Good news: there's probably going to be animations that I MADE on this site soon, because I figured out how to do that.
Back to the topic of the Olympics (Sorry, the topic of hermits distracted me):
I was watching the Mr. Bean "Chariots Of Fire" thing for the opening ceremony. It was really funny, but I'm surprised that they didn't have any Monty Python. I mean, it's British.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Too Old To Batusi

This would have made the "Golden Girls" show a lot better.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Bestseller?!

I was thinking: if "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" is doing so well, maybe there's room for another book with a similar title-
Earlier today Popeye and Bluto were fighting over who's restaurant I would eat at.....I ended up eating at Bluto's until the Popeye dude ate some spinach and beat Bluto into next Thursday. I think i'll eat at McDonald's next time.
Oh, great. I told a diner that I would pay them today for my hamburger I had last week, but I have no money. I'll just send an IOU.
The diner is pretty mad at me, and I still owe Bluto for eating at HIS restaurant.
I really need to stop telling people I'll gladly pay them Tuesday for something today.
Okay, so it wasn't as great as I thought it would be. It sounded like an ingenious idea at the time. But at least now I've figured out how Wimpy gets around saying his "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday" catchphrase. (And yes, I did draw the picture.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

This Has Been Making My Head Hurt For A While

You know Spy VS Spy? Well, I have a question.
Most of the comics have the traps for the other spy already set. I realized that this would take a lot of anticipation. But how would the spies anticipate every move? Can they see into the future? No, because they always get caught in the next comic. Are they super geniuses? No, because they always get caught in the next comic. Do they guess all this? How? It would take a pretty good amount of guessing, but then again, didn't someone say "Know thy enemy"?
My head hurts. I think I'll just enjoy the comic.


I am a cartoonist and I started this blog to post my thoughts, and share some of my cartoons.
I asked for a drawing tablet for my birthday, but until then, I have a scanner to share my comics.
But I won't ONLY be doing that.
This blog will be so awesome that your head will explode.
My influences are: Charles Schulz, Jim Davis, Bill Watterson, Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Peyo, John Kricfaulsi, and pretty much everybody that works at MAD magazine.