Monday, August 27, 2012

Camping And FanExpo

So, I went camping and tried every single water slide but two, because I got seriously injured on the toilet bowl one called "The Cyclone".
I got water in my eyes, so I went to rub them, but I somehow banged my head repeatedly, flipped over, scraped myself, and came out upside-down.
Other than that, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!
And now for FAN EXPO!
I'll let the pictures tell the story.    
I also got Ian Flynn's, writer of the Sonic comic books, autograph!!!!!
(Photo later.)                                                                                                           
Me on the set of Tim Burton's new "Frankenweenie"

An artist for Archie comics using the exact same drawing pen I use.I nearly wet my pants.

New idea for a special: "I Am Your Father, Charlie Brown".

.......And she means "no swiping".

I need this. The $2500 Sketchbook Pro. I need to save.

Me with one of the writers for Spider-Man.

The only Fix-It-Felix-Jr game in the world. (AKA: Wreck-It Ralph). Yes, I played it.