Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nuit Blanche

I just went to Nuit Blanche, an art festival.
One exhibit was watching a bunch of movie death scenes, so you get the general idea.
Another exhibit was about what would happen if our city was flooded.
I expected something interesting, but all that was there was a picture of water.
I mean, I could get the exact same result taking a picture of my sink!
But there was one thing that really stood out-A SPACE INVADERS LIGHT SHOW!
Yes, the old Atari game.
It was just a recap of the game, but it was AWESOME.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Popeye Then And Now

As Popeye is being re-released in a NEW comic book, what modern updates can we expect?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As the title of this post suggests, I GOT A DRAWING TABLET FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
It's actually SUPER easy to use.
Surprisingly, MS Paint works best for comics. The software it came with, ArtRage 3, isn't good for comics. But it IS really good for pictures. So, yeah, I use MS Paint.
Here's an exclusive comic I MADE JUST FOR THIS BLOG!
Also, I'm making a webcomic as a parody of Sonic the hedgehog. It's called "Sanic", and I need a good way to get a free domain.
If you know any, please list sitebuilders (that are FREE) below.
By the way, here's the logo for Sanic:

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Birthday!

It's my birthday!
Anyways, yesterday I had an asthma attack and I went to the hospital and they gave me steroids.
They're liquid steroids, so they don't do this, but they sure make me feel all crazy.
I get super hyper and then I get really super drowsy.
I have to take them for five days. They taste horrible, and I CAN'T STAND IT.
So, kids, when people tell you drugs are horrible, THEY ARE.
Like right now. I can't type anything spelled right, so autocorrect comes in handy. (I almost wrote "autocorrect comes in, Andy".)
The keyboard on my computer is switching letters.
By the way, I was playing Rampage and I realized Wreck-It Ralph is kind of like that.
So, I changed my old poll for Wreck-It Ralph.
Click here to do the new survey.
Okay, I gotta go because I'm so crazy I feel like eating my chair.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two Days Until Birthday!

It's officially two days until my birthday!
(My mom's is tomorrow. I was born the day after her birthday, so I was kind of like a belated gift.)
Anyways, in school yesterday we were playing volleyball.
I kind of zoned out.
You could say I was like all of Charlie Brown's baseball team rolled into one.
For proof, and I swear this is true, I was really tired and a volleyball hit my head.                                                                                                                                    
Also, I like cats AND dogs, but click here for a funny video!
Are YOU a cat or dog person?
Here, I made a poll to see if a cat or a dog has more fans.
Click on this link to vote!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

More FanExpo Pictures And Other Stories

I have more FanExpo pictures:


Do you think this guy likes Gumby?

I am with what appears to be a Lego Hulk in beige jeans.


Here I am with Ian Flynn, the writer of the Sonic and Mega-Man comics.

Me with the DC nation.

Me drawing Charlie Brown on the amazing SketchBook Pro.

Above is me playing the Wreck-It Ralph game. 

Also, today I went rollerskating at Scooter's roller palace. I set the high score on Donkey Kong there, as my friend set the high score on Dig-Dug.
 I really love rollerskating/blading.
 Me and my friend played a really fun game where you fall down purposely and when a staff member comes over and asks if you're okay, you say something random. The music is playing so loud, they can't hear you! I think I won when I replied, "No, I died".
 I don't really understand why rollerskating in a circle for five straight hours breaking only for a ten minute lunch is so much fun, but IT JUST IS.
I usually get a truckload of blisters on my feet.
I usually ignore this truckload of blisters.
You shouldn't try this.
I feel them now, and I highly regret ignoring them.
Anyways, school recently started and I always go through the first two or three weeks completely clueless.
When dance class started I went into autopilot and did my snoopy happy dance.
While I'm on the same post where I talk about Wreck-It Ralph, I was wondering:
(Yes, I made this.)
By the way, the darker text is a link and you have to click on it.
(Don't worry, it's not a scuzzy virus.)
Just telling you because you'll see millions of those in later posts.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Vacation Recap

Well, summer vacation is almost over. :(
In just two days, I'll be going back into middle school.
So, here's a brief recap of my summer:
(PS: 23 days until my birthday!)
Going to London to visit my cousins.
We watched a LOT of the London 2012 olympics, and went to Kiwi Kraze.
Kiwi Kraze is a frozen yogurt (froyo) place.
As usual, I overflowed my cup.

Buffalo and the falls.
First, I went to Buffalo and slept in a state-of-the-art hotel.
It even had an arcade!
I proved my Ms. Pac-Man skills there.
The pool was heated, so it was AWESOME.
Unfortunately, I forgot the name.
(But it gets all ten stars!)
I went shopping at their HUGE plaza and stayed up watching Cartoon Network and Storage Wars (yuuuuuuup).
Then I went to Niagara Falls.
The hotel there wasn't as state-of-the-art.
Or any art.
The pool was freezing, but I got used to it.
The hot tub was GREAT!
The only TV station that worked in the hotel was PBS.
After being forced to watch that for a few hours, I've come to the conclusion that the Cat in the Hat DOES, as a matter of fact, know a lot about that.

Hawaiian Punch.
I wondered what would happen if  the Hawaiian Punch kid would get sued for punching that old dude.
It was kind of a Madison Avenue court case.
Read about it:

The wall of corn.
I went to Cornwall to visit my Grandmaman (french for "Grandma").
My cousin also came to visit her with me.
We went to some corn maze (hence CORNwall), saw two movies (Dog Days and The Pirates!), and bought a LOT of comics.
My grandmaman is REALLY generous.
I also got these awesome rollerblading goggles!
(Yes, I rollerblade/skate.)
I went on my first waterslide.
This has started a trend.
(Waterslides are my FAVORITE rides! Exept for ones where you ride in tubes. It feels unnatural.)

The ponytail.
I'm growing my hair long for cancer, so I needed to put it in a ponytail.
To make a long story short: It didn't last long.

Flea markets and DVDs.
I got used DVDs at a flea market.
I was happy.

Hanna-Barbera attire.
I noticed clothing similarities in Hanna-Barbera characters.

C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song.
I went camping at Bingeman's camping grounds.
I watched "Night Of The Living Fred" twice.
Then, I went to their waterpark.
I got injured really bad on the Cyclone waterslide, so I missed out on two waterslides.
Ratings for the waterslides: (Zero being worst, Ten being best.)
The Cyclone: Painful, but good. Six stars.
The Pipe: A 1980's style slide. YEAH, NOSTALGIA!  Nine stars.
Full Throttle: A race slide that plummets you down at FULL SPEED. Ten stars.
The ones for little kids: Sucked. Half a star.
Had pizza for dinner both nights. (Burp.)

Fan central.
I got to go to the last day of FanExpo.
It's basically a comic-con that's not in San-Fransisco.
I took lots of photos, got photoshopped with Alfred E. Neuman, and met Ian Flynn, the writer of  the Sonic, Sonic Universe, and Mega Man comics.
I also played Wreck-It-Ralph (called "Fix-It-Felix Jr.").

My cousin came over.
We joked together and had a LOT of fun.
The next things are what I did with him:

ParaNorman activity.
I saw ParaNorman.
Creepy, but great.

Busted Dave and Buster's.
I went to Dave and Buster's.
PS: Thanks for your advice on that!

Fun and only.
We went to Canada's Wonderland.
I went on Lazy River repeatedly.
It was EPIC!!!
My favorite part is the colossal drop.

So that, dear readers, is a summer-ry.
(Get it? "Summer" and "Summary"? Eh? Eeeeeehhhhh? No? Eh.)
More to come soon!