Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things Cartoon Fans Should Avoid

I am the world's biggest cartoon fan, and I caution you other fans to steer clear of these. Well, too late now, but whatever.

Pictures Of Cartoons In Real Life.

Like these, below. They are quite unpleasant.

agentp 470x531 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
bugsbunny 470x613 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
This makes me think Bugs Bunny will be waiting for me the next time I mail a letter.
butthead 470x819 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
charliebrown 470x646 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
Good grief........

Cartoon "Theories".

These just ruin all cartoons. I choose not to believe them for the sake of my childhood.

Pictures Of Invader Zim Where He's Drawn In Anime Form.


These commonly lead to fanfiction, and fanfiction commonly leads to disturbance.

And now that I've ruined your cartoon-viewing pleasure, just forget this article like I will and remain happy!
Wait, what article?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top 10 Cartoons Of The 90's

Here is my personal list of my favorite 1990's cartoons! I have a few rules, though:
-It HAS to be started in the '90's. Nothing that started in 1989 and got more popular, as that will be on my '80's list.
-Please don't get mad because there is no anime. I really don't want comments like, "Come on! How could you not mention 'Shinekewakkosakblak: Advanced Battle'?!"

Here goes:

10) Bobby's World

I really don't think anyone on the face of Earth still remembers this one, but it was a Howie ManDel cartoon. There isn't really much to say about it besides how much it reminds me of Calvin And Hobbes. Maybe that's why I like it...

9) Dexter's Laboratory

There is only one question I have about this show: why does Dexter have a Russian accent and no one else in his family does?

8) Beavis And Butt-Head

I really hate cartoons that make kids grow up (hint, hint RUGRATS: ALL GROWN UP...), so this cartoon never had their protagonists grow up. I guess that the number one priority in this show was to keep ol' Beavis and Butt-Head immature.
Huh huh, "number one" priority....

7) Rugrats

Despite the aforementioned abomination where they make the characters older, Rugrats is a great show with enough diaper jokes to wrap Earth in. Twice. Times two.


6) Rocko's Modern Life

The "original" Spongebob Squarepants. This edgy show is visually similar to Ren And Stimpy. It;s kind of hard to explain this show, so here's the IMDB page:

5) Spongebob Squarepants

Ohhhhhh......who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Okay, we all know that theme song, and this show has gained a cult following, though the protagonist is a little similar to Stimpy and his friends remind me of the Rocko's Modern Life cast...

4) Hey, Arnold!

This show was inspired by Peanuts, the greatest comic strip ever, so you know this Nicktoon will be great. Just an observation: it must have been a pain to give birth to this football-headed kid.

3) Pinky And The Brain

Gee, Brain,  what do you want to do tonight? How about watch Pinky And The Brain? The theme song explains the entire premise of this Animaniacs derivative:

2) Animaniacs

This was a great show! Yakko, Wakko, and Dot made the show great, but I also enjoyed Pinky And The Brain, Slappy Squirrel, Rita And Runt, Goodfeathers, and Chicken-Boo's sketches. I did NOT enjoy The Hip Hippos, Minerva Mink, and Katie Ka-Boom's segments. (Well, maybe if they were shorter I'd like them.) I'm undecided on Buttons And Mindy.

1) The Ren And Stimpy Show

This was also probably the edgiest cartoon ever. Even more than Family Guy, more than South Park....Ren And Stimpy has a cult following, and it deserves a reboot.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Toilet #:02

Every time I'm in a bathroom at a bookstore/restaurant, I see that whoever has inspected it for health wrote their name and what time they inspected it on a clipboard.
What if a guy named John inspected it at 3:16 PM?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

ICM's Health Tips

Hey, there, it's Cartoonist Guy! That's right, I'm back after a hiatus of a week or two. It would have only been a few days hiatus, because I actually posted something I made on, but I guess it didn't save properly, so everything in that post just said, "Visit Glass!" (And it wasn't that funny in the first place.)
Anyways, I was thinking: what could I do to apologize to everyone for taking huge breaks, then promising I'll be back, then breaking again? Well, first off, I actually promise I'll post more frequently now (I was on vacation this week), and, I'll give you a preview of what's to come....
I've seen a lot of movies this summer:
-Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
-Nacho Libre
-Smurfs Two
-Despicable Me Two
-Are We There Yet?
-Are We Done Yet?
-Napoleon Dynamite
...with more to come! So, to finish off this hiatus-ed summer, a post with reviews of ALL THOSE MOVIES PLUS MORE will be done. (Also, I find I get more blog ideas during the school year, so more ideas will come!) But for today, I want to reward you readers by making you healthier with...

ICM's Health Tips: By Cartoonist Guy

-When puking, always look at your puke. You'll puke more!
-Next time you order at McDonald's, refrain from asking to add two patties to your Big Mac.
-Twenty-Four Words: Lock Yourself in a room with only water but no food for ten days, as that's as long as you can survive without food.
-Try to actually WIN Monopoly, and by the time you do that, you should be thinner. (You should also be three years older.)
-When eating at a restaurant with "F" as it's food grade, refrain from eating off of the floor, even though this may be your only food source there.
-Walk through Jack-In-The-Box's drive thru when ordering a Triple-Cheese-Quarter-Pounder-With-Extra-Mayonnaise-And-Hot-Sauce-Oh,-And-Can-I-Get-Fries-With-That?

Hope that helps! Mmmm, Triple-Cheese-Quarter-Pounder-With-Extra-Mayonnaise-And-Hot-Sauce-Oh,-And-Can-I-Get-Fries-With-That?s taste great.....

Monday, August 5, 2013

Attackin' Mac An' Me

Mac And Me (1988)

What do you get when you take a roll of toilet paper, a pencil sharpener, and a Minute Maid juice box and scatter them around? The objects around my desk as I type on the computer about the monstrosity known as Mac And Me.
Well, scratch that. It's not known at all. This movie bombed. It was a ripoff of ET, which I don't mention much in my plot recap, but just watch it. You'll figure it out.
This bomb-ahrea was heavily endorsed by McDonald's. Keep note of that when I recap the plot.

Rating: One star (out of a possible ten).

Plot: Well, I would like to stare, before I begin, that in the trailer for Mac And Me, there is a scene where a grocery store explodes. In the actual movie, the grocery store just randomly explodes. I think they were just trying to gain an audience there, don't you?
So, this family consists of a mom who is incredibly rich. What's her job? A greeter at "Sears". There's a boy in a wheelchair named Eric, who is obviously trying not to laugh during each line. He's probably all, "Good lord, this movie sucks" in his mind. Then, there's the older brother, Michael. They have all moved to California, where they meet this little girl who says that she's trying to talk to the Earth demons or whatever. This doesn't play into the movie (nothing in this abomination does), but I just wanted to put that there for it's creepiness. Eric falls of a cliff after deciding to roll his wheelchair right up against the edge, because he wants a good view. (Also, he's pretty smart.) He is rescued by an alien that's pretty much a hand puppet of Gollum who speaks like R2-D2 that only him and the girl see. They call him "Mysterious Alien Creature", or "MAC" for short. Remember, this film is endorsed by McDonald's, so I wonder where they got the name from?
When Eric is recuperating in his room, the girl comes in and they talk about junk, much like this movie. Then, some random woman in a McDonald's outfit (of course) comes into his house and asks, "May I come in"?
"Yes, random McDonald's employee, make yourself at home!"
She's the girl's sister, and then the girl invites Eric to her friend's birthday party (yes, some OTHER random person's party) at.....guess where?
So, they go to McDonald's, with Mac disguised as a teddy bear who dances, which is appropriate, as there is A FIVE-MINUTE DANCE SEQUENCE AT THE WORLD'S LARGEST McDONALD'S.
(Also, when Eric gets a drink, it falls off the table, and the girl picks it up. Try to spot it;he's holding a teddy bear if that helps.)
So, after that, the CIA randomly decides to follow Eric, in a horrible car chase scene that I won't post, but I will mention this: the CIA is chasing using their feet, and a few cars get thrown off by them. Okay, I guess. THEN, this red car in a completely different LANE just randomly drives right up to the CIA people then screeches on the brakes and honks like it's their fault. Jerks.
Eric goes out to the desert to track down Mac's family and finds they're all dead.
The end! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!
Sadly, it doesn't end like that. Eric uses Coke, the drink endorsed by McDonald's at the time, to revive their family, then they blow up the grocery store and what-have-you, then America realizes Mac and company are harmless and ends the movie with a sequence of them become full-fledged American citizens
Heartwarming, no?
No. Moronic.

Recommended For: People who like bad movies.

You'll Like It If: You won't like it. Not even if you're a masochist.

More on this movie: Wikipedia Page: //

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I've Had All I Can Stands, And I Can't Stands No More

This was a mural painted at a diner I went to. A few problems:
-"Good Friends"? Isn't Bluto (the guy on the right) supposed to be Popeye's foe?
-Look carefully at Olive Oyl (the girl in the middle). If you look at her legs, she is floating off of the ground.
Tomorrow on ICM: A devastating look at Mac And Me, the horrible ripoff of E.T endorsed by McDonald's! Stay tuned!