Thursday, October 24, 2013

You're A Weird One, Mr. Grinch

I love "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", but do you know what I don't get about the story?
The part where the Grinch's heart grows three sizes (which, if you ask me, is a whole 'nother story) because he hears the Whos singing. Wasn't the fact that they sing every Christmas what made him so angry in the first place?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome To ICM's First Crummy-Con

Hey there, it's Cartoonist Guy! For everyone, I decided to host a convention for people like me. And by people like me, I don't mean something like a bunch of my clones at a convention. That happens in Decem--I mean, nothing. If you missed it, I'm sorry. But you can virtually be there, as I posted a few pictures of the highlights of...

ICM's First Annual Crummy-Con In 2013

This one was from the brawl between Obama and Snoopy. It was pretty intense, but after a few bouncers came, all was good. Except one of the bouncers died in the process of splitting them up. RIP, Morry Herdsan, beloved bouncer.

Some of the guests arrive on the scene. Sonic couldn't wait to get in, as evidenced by him running into the centre. He knocked Ren over a few seconds later, but all was good.

The sign for the convention hall. I spent most of the time in Hall 4. Oddly enough, the sign didn't lie: there was nothing there. Of course, it was still better than my convention.

When Alfred E. Neuman gives a speech, he really gives a speech. The entire audience went into hysterics, and that includes Spongebob and Beetle.
See ya at the next convention!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

ICM Game: Guess The Theme Song!

Time for a game before my next movie review! Guess the show based on the lyrics from the theme song! (If I put a _______, that means it says the name of the show.)

1) Lucky theres a __________,
Lucy there's a man who
Positively can do
All the things that make us laugh and cry!
2) If you feel like a laugh
Give us a call, we'll give you a LOL and
When you feel like a song
Tune into us and sing right along
3) This is the story about a guy named Al
Who lived in a sewer with his hamster, Pal
4) Every day when you're walking down the street
Everybody that you meet
Has a different point of view
And I said, "Hey!"
What a wonderful kind of day
When you get to work and play
And get along with each other
5) Life is like a hurricane, here in DuckBurg
Racecars, lasers, airplanes, it's a duck-blur
So let's solve a mystery
Or rewrite history
_____________! Woo-hoo!
6) Come and join the Warner Brothers (and the Warner sister, Dot)
Just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot
They lock us in the tower, whenever we get caught
But we break loose and then vamoose and now you know the plot
7) Math, science, history
Unraveling the mystery
That all started with the ________
8) Drive down, meet the family down the street
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet
When you're with ____________,
You'll have a Yabba-Dabba-Doo time,
You'll have a gay old time!
9) Going down to ________, going to leave my woes behind,
Ample parking day and night, people spouting, "Howdy neighbour!"

ANSWERS: No cheating:
1) Family Guy 2) Alvin And The Chipmunks 3) The Weird Al Show 4) Arthur 5) DuckTales
6) Animaniacs 7) The Big Bang Theory 8) The Flintstones (apparently "gay" means happy) 9) South Park

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Despicable Me Two-View

I will be reviewing the rest of the movies from summer soon! But first......

Despicable Me Two (2013)

Is it possible for a sequel to be better than the first? This one was!

Plot: Indescribable. It's more the visual stuff that makes this movie, so you'd have to watch it to fully understand this. Go see it. (Although, it isn't as good as Roger Rabbit, that goes without saying.) But here's what I WILL give you: Gru and his minions are hired to join an anti-villains league, to uncover who a secret villain is. He is paired up with a not-very-serious female secret agent.

Rating: Ten stars (out of a possible ten). Superb!

Recommended For: Fans of the first movie, or people who want to see a GOOD Dreamworks movie since the abomination called "The Croods" and the Pixar-Ripoff "Turbo".

You'll Love It If: You like the Minions. Let's face it, the Minions are the best part of these movies.

NEXT REVIEW: Smurfs Two! (Cue foreboding sounds...)