Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 10 Peanuts Characters

10) Sally Brown
 Sally is the younger sister of Charlie Brown. She hates school, loves the library, and Linus. She's the best way to kick off this list.

9) Schroeder
Schroeder would love nothing more than to play the piano in peace....which Lucy won't let him. He also figured out when Beethoven was born. That's right, no one knew before Peanuts came along!

8) Peppermint Patty
The energetic one who will do anything. Fun Fact: her full name is Patricia Reichardt.

7) Spike
 Spike is Snoopy's brother who lives in the desert. His best friend is a cactus. Sad.

6) Pig-Pen
Pig-Pen is an interesting character. He has dirt that clings to him whenever he's outside, but when he's inside...BAM! It leaves. He actually enjoys bathing, contrary to popular belief.

5) Woodstock
You know the Minions from Despicable Me? Woodstock is the original Minion.

4) Lucy VanPelt
She has her opinions. I know this because she screams them at the other characters. Lucy isn't all loudmouth, though. She has her good moments. They just get toppled by bad ones.

3) Linus VanPelt
Another interesting character. He's the philosophical one of the group, and he carries a blanket around while sucking his thumb.

2) Snoopy
He dances. He fights wars. He plays hockey. He...eats. A lot. Ladies and gentlemen, Snoopy! The most famous Peanuts character, this dog zoomed his way up to this position on the list.

1) Charlie Brown

Let's hear it for the blockhead! Actually, his head's  pretty round. This guy can't ever catch a break, but we all love him.

Unless you don't.

Then you're a jerk.