Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some Cromulent Simpsons Stuff

In ICM, I'm gonna start doing reviews of some nostalgic toon stuff!
To start out, let's begin with some early-2000s (dear God, that was long ago now) Simpsons mercy that I acquired at a collectible a show today!
Most of this stuff centres around the Treehouse If Horror.
Here's all the stuff I bought today. I took some photos of it with my older Simp-stuff...
Look out, Bart! 
Marge runs off wi King Kong Homer. Naturally, Homer is surprised.
Some scientists/a doctor meddle in God's domain with Frink turning invisible by Glayvin, Burns performing a brain transplant, and Hibbert being...creepy. Ew.
For some reason, the zombified Springfield Elementary staff amused me. Heh, heh, I am so messed up.

A clown vampire and an elderly vampire. For some reason, I think Twilight would be better with them in it. Or if it was never made.
Two booze hounds, side by side.
"We've got to do the Jiminy Jillickers scene again, Milhouse."
And my own attempt at a couch gag. 
I'll be back with more nostalgic cartoon stuff soon! Hopefully, I can find some stupid effect an mock it.