Sunday, November 17, 2013

Comparing Qualities: Bugs Bunny VS Mickey Mouse

Here is our first Comparing Qualities! Today, I take on a hard subject: Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? I mean, honestly, how can I.....

...okay, now that I'm done crying, let's start. Here are our competitiors:

In this corner, Bugs! The wise-cracking, hilarious rabbit (or "wabbit" if you will) is up against some stiff competition---Mickey Mouse! The kind, rodent who will kick some serious butt with his big shoes.
Let's begin:


Mickey: "Steamboat Willie".
Bugs: "A Wild Hare".
As much as I love Bugs, I gotta give the point to Mickey. I love Steamboat Willie, with the animals as instruments....wait, I should call the ASPCA. Mickey, you cruel, cruel, sunnuva....
POINT: Mickey Mouse


Ahhh, Bugs. You can think of a one-liner on the spot, come up with a good punishment for a jerk, and chew a carrot with finesse. Mickey, you're funny, but you're more a different kind of funny. And the way you laugh in every sentence scares me.
POINT: Bugs Bunny


Mickey: Donald Duck, Goofy
Bugs: Daffy Duck, Porky Pig
Oh, God, don't make me choose between these people. Daffy and Donald, you're both awesome, but if I HAVE to choose, one of them is 1% funnier....
POINT: Bugs Bunny


For God's sake, put on some clothes, Bugs!
POINT: Mickey Mouse (because of his awesome old Toon outfit.)


Mel Blanc, the KING of cartoon voices, made this voice. Walt Disney is better at making great characters.
POINT: Bugs Bunny

And the winner is....
BUGS BUNNY! (By one point.)