Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back With A Mascot Thought

ICM has restarted!
Anyways, I was thinking about McDonald's. They have some pretty messed-up mascots.
You've got Ronald McDonald, who sort of looks like he should be making a guest appearance on The Krusty The Clown Show as opposed to making your food, then you have Grimace, who's some purple blob that never gets explained.

It just seems like a clown would be so out of place in a fast food restaurant. That has to be violating some health code. 
After that, there's the Hamburglar, who's made it his life's quest to steal McDonald's hamburgers. Why doesn't he steal money or something he can actually use? Is he working for Jughead?
Finally, there's Mayor McCheese (no, not Rob Ford), who's a walking hamburger. I don't get why the mayor of McDonald's is a hamburger. Didn't he ever stop to think, "Hey, I wonder what our most popular menu item is!"
Maybe he's okay with his own people being eaten.
It's sort of like the Mini Wheats mascot, who just hangs around in a bowl of milk and encourages kids to eat him. Does he have mental problems? Can he not figure out that he'll die if the kid eats him?
"Why do you all look so hungry?"
I guess that's why the Trix Rabbit is everyone's favorite mascot. (Don't deny it, you love him.)