Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Archie DEAD?!

As we all (probably) know, there is an Archie comic called "Life With Archie" that takes place in the future.
And, as we all (still probably) know, he just died in it.
Now, let's take a look at ol' redhead's death, shall we?
The day Big Moose finally snapped. We all knew it was coming.
Archie dies in a noble way, saving his friend senator Kevin Keller from being shot for....let's face it, being a senator.
"You wanna get to Kevin? First you gotta get though me! Wait, you have a gun? Uh, never mind. Sorry, Kevin."
Anyways, it was an interesting publicity stunt, though one I disagree with. Seriously, the comic's called "Archie". 
This might just be me, but I think a key rule in a fictional series is not to KILL THE PERSON IT'S NAMED AFTER.
Anyways, another thing that I'd like to point out is this. 
Look at this picture:
There are, like, twenty people inside Pop Tate's Chok'lit (chocolate?) Shoppe when this happened.
Archie's killer was one person with a tiny gun.
I think someone would've been able to catch him, instead of just all making the exact same facial expression in unison. I mean, I definitely agree that I would cry my face off if I was one of Archie's friends, but I would've at least TRIED to stop the killer.

All kidding/mocking aside, I think it was a brave decision to kill Archie off, even if I may disagree with it. There are definitely two sides to this issue, the other being Archie Comics getting more publicity. 
And with that point, it definitely worked.
I'm glad they just killed him in the humorless Life With Archie comic as opposed to the slap-happy normal Archie series, because that probably wouldn't have integrated as well in a universe where the biggest problem is this:
Definitely the proper place to have a traumatizing, bloody death.