Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let's Talk About TMZ

Let's talk about TMZ, shall we?

Basically, the show starts with the host, Harvey, and.....and...taking head #2 blathering about what celebrities they will mock on this ever-so informative program today.

This has already been done much more intellectually with Beavis and Butt-head.
Not pictured: whats-his-name.
We are then exposed to a. Solid. Hour. Of blurry, shaky, fast-paced, inaudible celebrity interviews where they ambush them in various places. I love how they just literally stalk the people they're looking for.
Waiting for Mike Myers to get the runs!
And, of course, lest we forget Harvey and his band o' merry misfits laughing about the plastic surgery on celebrities. Unfortunately, this isn't "The Introduce Pot To Kettle Show".
He said, "laugh", so do it or you get kicked off the show.
They show us what's coming up on the show before commercial breaks. The one thing that actually sounds remotely interesting is the one thing they play at the very end (to keep you watching), and if you're wearing your lucky underpants they'll talk about it for five full seconds.
Who needs to know things that actually matter?
But, above all, the one thing we should talk about is the directing.

As mentioned before, the footage is blurry and shaky. But the one thing that really shows the director's talent is how he always cuts to some random guy in the studio whenever Harvey's talking.
The really interesting thing is nothing you have to say, Harvey.
This is truly a "special" show.