Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Vow Of The Microsoft Worker

At Microsoft, they have one goal-
How do they continually manage to do this?
By following this secret oath Inside A Cartoonist's Mind recently discovered:

At Microsoft, we are constantly hurryin'
To make stupid products that analyze urine.
We rip money outta your pockets in every which way
When we find more swindling techniques every new day.
Now that Apple has become a disorganized mess,
It is time for us to do what Microsoft does best:
Get your dough by making stuff that is just useless.
Why do we do this? Because we are ruthless!
Bill Gates lost Epic Rap Battles, or so we've been told,
But he still wins the battle of making brains mold.
Darn Linux, they sound like Charlie Brown's best friend!
A stupid name like that is sure to give them an end.
After reciting this oath, raise your right hand and swear
That you'll help us make cash by making tech underwear.