Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Future Google Glass Review We Might See

By Bob Bobberson, Tech Journalist
(It was really by Cartoonist Guy.)

Google has released their new product, Google Glass, or "Google Glass" for short. Yet again, another ripoff of the iPhone by Google, but this time it won't be ignored. That's right, not only does it block your line of vision, but it also permanently latches on to your head, and if you try to remove it, it injects arsenic into your brain.
A big worry about Google Glass was driving with it, as people would think it would block your line of vision and you'd hit about five dogs. I can stop these rumors in their tracks, I only hit two.
It has some bugs in the voice recognition software, but I assume an update is coming shortly. Here was a conversation I had with my Google Glass:
Me: Glass, text Timothy "I will be home in five minutes."
Glass: Okay, I have texted Timothy, "I hate you. Go die in a hole, you worthless butt."
Timothy hasn't ever responded.
Then, there's the price. It's kind of expensive at $1,400, but it's a good investment, except with the glass poking your eye all the time.
You know, what? I'm taking my Glass off....wait, NO! NOT THE ARSENIC! ARRRRGHH...