Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Despicable Me Two-View

I will be reviewing the rest of the movies from summer soon! But first......

Despicable Me Two (2013)

Is it possible for a sequel to be better than the first? This one was!

Plot: Indescribable. It's more the visual stuff that makes this movie, so you'd have to watch it to fully understand this. Go see it. (Although, it isn't as good as Roger Rabbit, that goes without saying.) But here's what I WILL give you: Gru and his minions are hired to join an anti-villains league, to uncover who a secret villain is. He is paired up with a not-very-serious female secret agent.

Rating: Ten stars (out of a possible ten). Superb!

Recommended For: Fans of the first movie, or people who want to see a GOOD Dreamworks movie since the abomination called "The Croods" and the Pixar-Ripoff "Turbo".

You'll Love It If: You like the Minions. Let's face it, the Minions are the best part of these movies.

NEXT REVIEW: Smurfs Two! (Cue foreboding sounds...)