Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome To ICM's First Crummy-Con

Hey there, it's Cartoonist Guy! For everyone, I decided to host a convention for people like me. And by people like me, I don't mean something like a bunch of my clones at a convention. That happens in Decem--I mean, nothing. If you missed it, I'm sorry. But you can virtually be there, as I posted a few pictures of the highlights of...

ICM's First Annual Crummy-Con In 2013

This one was from the brawl between Obama and Snoopy. It was pretty intense, but after a few bouncers came, all was good. Except one of the bouncers died in the process of splitting them up. RIP, Morry Herdsan, beloved bouncer.

Some of the guests arrive on the scene. Sonic couldn't wait to get in, as evidenced by him running into the centre. He knocked Ren over a few seconds later, but all was good.

The sign for the convention hall. I spent most of the time in Hall 4. Oddly enough, the sign didn't lie: there was nothing there. Of course, it was still better than my convention.

When Alfred E. Neuman gives a speech, he really gives a speech. The entire audience went into hysterics, and that includes Spongebob and Beetle.
See ya at the next convention!