Thursday, February 12, 2015

Make Your Own Brian Williams News Story!

Here's something I haven't done for a while...
So, basically, reporter Brian Williams recently admitted that he made up a truckload of his stories, and now, nobody likes him. But why let Brian boy have all the fun? Let's make up our own Brian Williams News Stories....

DIY: Brian Williams Stories

Hi, this is Brian Williams. I'm here today in (1), and I have shocking news. I recently spoke with (2), and they told me that (3).
Now, being the brave man I am, I am going to have to fly into the disaster zone myself and save the day. Also, I (4). This is all true. I swear.

    -Disney Land
    -A coma
(2)-The ambassador
    -Chuck Norris
    -A completely, verified, not made-up source
(3)-The world is ending
    -Everything's better with Perry
    -I am definitely here. I swear
    -There's a dog in the vent
(4)-Lowered taxes single handedly
    -Am guaranteed free entry for the rapture
    -Am Lorde. Ya ya ya
    -Removed all Kardashians from the gene pool. You're welcome