Friday, February 13, 2015

Software Updates

With Apple, Microsoft, and Linux (for the two people on Earth who use that), there are software updates.
They take half an hour to install, and all they do is make your screen 0.00000002% brighter, or erase all your contacts, or something like that.
And then they write a new "Terms & Conditions" for each new update, which no living soul has ever bothered to read.
I feel really sorry for the poor slob who has to write a new "Terms & Conditions" for the every five minutes an update comes out. I really do. Those things are lengthy. They must take at least two hours to write/proofread. And nobody has ever read them.
Though they probably should.
If I wrote one of those, I would be really tempted to just sneak things in like, "by clicking 'Agree', you hereby give us your firstborn" and stuff like that.
But that's beside my point.
My point is that these take forever to load, are released every other day, and are just overall tedious. I still haven't updated my iPad to iOS 8.1 billion jigowatts or whatever we're on now.
This is honestly why I'm considering switching to this computer:
It would be a big time-saver.