Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"A" Is For "Letters"

All right, I promised you more posts, and more posts ye shall receive (although you'll probably get a lot more posts in summertime, when I have more free time).
Here's something I've seen a few other bloggers do, so I decided to also do it. It's called letter blogging (I think). What it basically is is I designate one post to every letter of the alphabet and write about things that start with that letter.
So, here goes "A":

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
Arnold enjoys life.
Ahh, the action movie-star-turned-governor-turned-action movie star.

Akbar & Jeff:
These characters are from Matt Groening's "Life In Hell" comic strip. These guys often contemplate life and stuff in the comic, and they also made fezzes awesome.

Ant Man:
"Wait, who?"
"Just watch the movie."
Marvel has recently started a trend of introducing obscure characters into movies, and this is next in line. Nobody on the face of the planet had ever heard of this guy beforehand, but we're still all gonna watch this movie.
I will beat Ms. Pac-Man. I swear it.      

Gangsta stare.
The cat from The Smurfs that wants to eat the Smurfs. I guess they taste good. Probably not, though. They probably taste all disgusting.