Friday, May 1, 2015

"B" Is For "More Letters"

All righty, more letter blogging to kick off the new month!

Bart Simpson:

Do the Bartman!
One of the best Simpsons characters (for me, he ranks #2, after Homer). He is also the kid you wanted to be when you were 10 years old (admit it).

Bob Dylan:
It may.

Great songwriter. Shame nobody can understand anything that comes out of his mouth.
The Super Mario Bros. villain who causes you to walk backwards throughout the entire stinking level.

This child will destroy you.

The baby from The Flintstones who you can't help but suspect is on steroids.

Barack Obama:
The current president, the subject of 999, 999, 999+ memes, the guy who gets blamed for everything (see above), as well as the subject of one of my better posts on this site (that debate was You can do better, Barry. We've seen you do better).