Saturday, October 27, 2012

1000 Pageviews!

Four months ago, I started this blog.
Most four-month-old blogs would only have about 123 pageviews by now, but not this one!
I am VERY proud to say that when I logged on to blogger today, Inside A Cartoonist's Mind (or ICM for short) had one-thousand and three pageviews! (So I'm OVER the thousand mark.)
I'd like to thank everybody who viewed my blog over the last four months, so thanks to the following countries:
Canada, USA, UK, Korea, Greece, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands, and Guatemala!
The best part is, blogger doesn't count my OWN pageviews, so NONE of this is me spell-checking!
By the way, read this blog tomorrow for SEVERAL movie (and Woody Woodpecker cartoon) reviews!

I'm getting rich off you jerks

Thanks for reading ICM!

-Cartoonist Guy