Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Better Introduction

I've just realized you don't know me well.
Here's a profile!

Name: Cartoonist Guy (Yes, I'm using an alias.)
Hero: Charles Schulz
Occupation: Cartoonist
Blog?: Yes. Duh.
Instruments: Accordion, harmonica, and trumpet.
Favorite color: Blue
Gender: Male
And, here is a cartoon of me!

This blog is about what goes on inside my head, and other stuff.
Interesting fact about me: In 1964 and 1968, MAD Magazine sold "Alfred E. Neuman for president" pins. They didn't sell all of them, so anyone with a two-year subscription to MAD gets an ACTUAL ONE FROM THE '60'S! (NOT A REPRODUCTION!) I got a two-year subscription, and now I proudly own one of these pins.
You can expect a lot of great (and mediocre) things to come on this blog.
So stay tuned!