Monday, October 1, 2012

Weird Al, Accordions, And Roger Rabbit

I got a Weird Al book! 
(My favorite singer!)
 Review  time.

Weird Al: The Book

By Nathan Rabin and Al Yankovic

What It's About: Weird Al's history. It has exclusive photos, tweets, lyrics, and information about his songs and many more. Perfect for any Weird Al fan.

Cost: US: $29.95 CAN: $32.95 UK: $18.99

Rating (out of a possible ten stars): Ten! One of the best books on the face of Earth. Provides important info such as when Al dies, he would like to prevent his obituary headlines from being "Weird Al eats it"!

Next up.....I got an accordion!
(While we're on the topic of Weird Al, it seemed appropriate to mention.)
So you can expect a lot of accordion things on this blog soon.

And last, but not least, I saw for the first time my  favorite movie...

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?          

Plot: The year is 1947. Stereotypical squash-and-stretch cartoon character Roger Rabbit is framed for the murder of Marvin Acme, the head of Acme. Roger enlists the help of detective Eddie Valiant to help him be prove innocent!

Rating: Ten! The best movie ever! Features cameos with cartoon characters such as:
-Mickey Mouse
-Donald Duck
-Minnie Mouse
-The cast of "Fantasia"
-Peter Pan
-Brer Bear
-Bugs Bunny
-Daffy Duck
-Porky Pig
-Wil E. Coyote
-Woody Woodpecker
-Betty Boop
-Droopy Dog
-And sooooooo much more, I lost count.
Recommended for: Everybody, especially 'toon lovers.

Bye for now!