Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man Of Steel Review

Yesterday, I was invited to an advanced screening of Man Of Steel (suckers). Here we go:

Man Of Steel (2013)

Plot: Kal-El is sent down from Krypton and becomes Clark Kent. Whatever. We know THAT part. But General Zod, the moron who thinks he`s a good guy, escapes from a black hole (called the Phantom Zone) and tries to capture Clark Kent so he can rebuild Krypton on Earth, which would kill all humans.
A huge fight ensues, and the next sequel should be ``Superman Cleans Up``, as he destroys almost the entire city. He wins, though.
I didn`t give away too much in this review, as the movie isn`t in theaters yet (suckers), and I do not want to give away too much and tick off Warner Brothers. I want to just give away the important parts and tick off Warner Brothers (suckers).

Rating: Ten stars (out of a possible ten)! I can`t decide if I like this one more, or the first movie.

Recommended For: Older people, as this is a darker Superman movie. Also, you see an uncensored shot of baby Superman`s...uh, parts a bunch of times.

You`ll Love It If: You love Superman! I did.

Also, one more thing: I haven`t been blogging on a good schedule, so, sorry. My blog schedule will be normal by tomorrow.