Saturday, June 22, 2013

Old Cartoons Versus New Cartoons (Part Two, Conclusion)

So, as I said yesterday, the newer cartoons are flat, lifeless, while the older cartoons put more care and personality into them.

See what I mean? Where's the personality there, besides the fact that the creators are obviously screaming, "shoot me". Now, let's take Hanna-Barbera cartoons as an example for good cartoons. The animation quality wasn't perfect, but while they sacrificed that, they got the character's personality into every shot!
Above is my proof. That was raining personality, while the quality was a bit choppy. The Hanna-Barbera people definitely cared about what their cartoons looked like, while newer studios could just puke on their drawings for all they care. Now, not all new animation studios are bad. Frederator and United Plankton are good ones, as well as many more.
Roger Rabbit (above). My favorite movie, which was probably the hardest movie ever to make. The production history is too much to list here, so just look it up. That goes to show how much they cared about what their cartoon looked like.
I know that this was a different topic for my blog, but, hey! I need to prove that point. Back to funny stuff tomorrow. Or the day after. I'm lazy.