Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Guide To Archie Comics

Series: Archie
Ranking: Very good
Description: A comic book based on "America's typical teenager", Archie, who...isn't....typical. Still, it's a great series!

Series: Sonic The Hedgehog
Ranking: Very good
Description: Following the adventures of video game superstar, Sonic. I subscribe to this one. FUN FACT: in a fan art drawing, the printing made the fan's caption hard to see. If you look closely, the caption was Sonic saying, "I'd like to see Mario do that".

Series: Mega Man
Ranking: Very good
Description: I haven't read much of this, but it looks great. Also, Mega Man sounds like what you would call a fat guy waddling down the street.

Series: Li'l Jinx
Ranking: Great
Description: Not as good as the aforementioned series, but still pretty decent.

Series: Cosmo The Merry Martian
Ranking: N/A
Description: I've never read this, but maybe the martian is merry from drinking too many cosmos. Heh.

Series: Pat The Brat
Ranking: Cruddy Ripoff
Description: Can you say, "Dennis The Menace plagarism"? Only, Dennis The Menace is funny. This is sad.

Series: Super Duck
Ranking: Cruddy Ripoff
Description: Hmmm, where have I seen THIS before? In the book "The Best Of Archie Comics", someone said that Donald Duck is for younger kids and Super Duck is for older kids, but I think the person I quote just pitied the series. This is a TOTAL RIPOFF of Donald Duck, and I liked it better when it was called Disney.

Series: Seymour
Ranking: Cruddy Ripoff
Description: How many ripoffs of Archie ARE there? Two: Seymour and Wilbur. I think it's kind of pathetic that a comic company would ripoff it's own title character.