Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Few Facts You May Not Have Known About Animaniacs

1) The only one of the Warners that has established their age is Wakko, who states that he is seven years old.
2) As of 2013, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot have been in the cartoon biz for 85 years, though they don't physically/mentally age.
3) The first Animaniacs cartoon was called, "I'm Mad".
It was released as a short in theaters for a pre-cartoon (y'know, how Pixar shows a cartoon before the movie), and the entire Animaniacs series was originally intended to be these types of shorts.
4) There were originally four Warner siblings named Yakky, Wakky, Smakky, and Dot.
5) Pinky and The Brain don't live in Acme Labs anymore. They live with Almyra (of Tiny Toons), as of another series called, "Almyra, Pinky, And The Brain". In Tiny Toons Spring Break special, Pinky and The Brain were seen in Almyr's room, though, and that pre-dated the spin-off.
6) "Faboo" is supposed to be short for "fabulous".