Saturday, September 15, 2012

More FanExpo Pictures And Other Stories

I have more FanExpo pictures:


Do you think this guy likes Gumby?

I am with what appears to be a Lego Hulk in beige jeans.


Here I am with Ian Flynn, the writer of the Sonic and Mega-Man comics.

Me with the DC nation.

Me drawing Charlie Brown on the amazing SketchBook Pro.

Above is me playing the Wreck-It Ralph game. 

Also, today I went rollerskating at Scooter's roller palace. I set the high score on Donkey Kong there, as my friend set the high score on Dig-Dug.
 I really love rollerskating/blading.
 Me and my friend played a really fun game where you fall down purposely and when a staff member comes over and asks if you're okay, you say something random. The music is playing so loud, they can't hear you! I think I won when I replied, "No, I died".
 I don't really understand why rollerskating in a circle for five straight hours breaking only for a ten minute lunch is so much fun, but IT JUST IS.
I usually get a truckload of blisters on my feet.
I usually ignore this truckload of blisters.
You shouldn't try this.
I feel them now, and I highly regret ignoring them.
Anyways, school recently started and I always go through the first two or three weeks completely clueless.
When dance class started I went into autopilot and did my snoopy happy dance.
While I'm on the same post where I talk about Wreck-It Ralph, I was wondering:
(Yes, I made this.)
By the way, the darker text is a link and you have to click on it.
(Don't worry, it's not a scuzzy virus.)
Just telling you because you'll see millions of those in later posts.