Saturday, August 17, 2013

ICM's Health Tips

Hey, there, it's Cartoonist Guy! That's right, I'm back after a hiatus of a week or two. It would have only been a few days hiatus, because I actually posted something I made on, but I guess it didn't save properly, so everything in that post just said, "Visit Glass!" (And it wasn't that funny in the first place.)
Anyways, I was thinking: what could I do to apologize to everyone for taking huge breaks, then promising I'll be back, then breaking again? Well, first off, I actually promise I'll post more frequently now (I was on vacation this week), and, I'll give you a preview of what's to come....
I've seen a lot of movies this summer:
-Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure
-Nacho Libre
-Smurfs Two
-Despicable Me Two
-Are We There Yet?
-Are We Done Yet?
-Napoleon Dynamite
...with more to come! So, to finish off this hiatus-ed summer, a post with reviews of ALL THOSE MOVIES PLUS MORE will be done. (Also, I find I get more blog ideas during the school year, so more ideas will come!) But for today, I want to reward you readers by making you healthier with...

ICM's Health Tips: By Cartoonist Guy

-When puking, always look at your puke. You'll puke more!
-Next time you order at McDonald's, refrain from asking to add two patties to your Big Mac.
-Twenty-Four Words: Lock Yourself in a room with only water but no food for ten days, as that's as long as you can survive without food.
-Try to actually WIN Monopoly, and by the time you do that, you should be thinner. (You should also be three years older.)
-When eating at a restaurant with "F" as it's food grade, refrain from eating off of the floor, even though this may be your only food source there.
-Walk through Jack-In-The-Box's drive thru when ordering a Triple-Cheese-Quarter-Pounder-With-Extra-Mayonnaise-And-Hot-Sauce-Oh,-And-Can-I-Get-Fries-With-That?

Hope that helps! Mmmm, Triple-Cheese-Quarter-Pounder-With-Extra-Mayonnaise-And-Hot-Sauce-Oh,-And-Can-I-Get-Fries-With-That?s taste great.....