Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things Cartoon Fans Should Avoid

I am the world's biggest cartoon fan, and I caution you other fans to steer clear of these. Well, too late now, but whatever.

Pictures Of Cartoons In Real Life.

Like these, below. They are quite unpleasant.

agentp 470x531 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
bugsbunny 470x613 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
This makes me think Bugs Bunny will be waiting for me the next time I mail a letter.
butthead 470x819 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
charliebrown 470x646 33 Untooned Cartoon Characters
Good grief........

Cartoon "Theories".

These just ruin all cartoons. I choose not to believe them for the sake of my childhood.

Pictures Of Invader Zim Where He's Drawn In Anime Form.


These commonly lead to fanfiction, and fanfiction commonly leads to disturbance.

And now that I've ruined your cartoon-viewing pleasure, just forget this article like I will and remain happy!
Wait, what article?