Thursday, March 14, 2013

For Worser Or For Best

Sorry I haven't blogged for a week or so, I was on vacation at my Grandmaman's (French for "grandma". That's right, I got French roots. Pass me that baguette, homey.) She doesn't have a computer and all Wi-Fi networks were secured, so yeah, sorry. (Something notable I noticed while visiting: all the fans in the city she lives in resemble Ren Hoek in a strange way...)
So, I'm back!
While I was there, I brought one of my For Better Or For Worse books. (I also saw the new Oz movie; review coming soon.) For Better Or For Worse is a "real time" comic strip (meaning it's realistic as in people age and die), so I gotta give it's cartoonist, Lynn Johnston, credit. Real time comics are HARD. So it's only natural that Lynn messed up a few times:
-Both of the parents, Elly and John, were 39 when they had their third baby, April. Later in the strip, John turns 50, and April has just started Junior Kindergarten. Nice trick, April. I'm sure half the world would LOVE to know your secret.
That's all for today! Bye! See ya later! Au revoir! Shalom! Peace! You never passed me that baguette I asked for!