Thursday, March 21, 2013

ICM Poetry

I shall attempt poetry, as I did with my Mitt Romney-Dr. Seuss spoof a while back. These are all original, and EXCLUSIVE to ICM! You can re-post them if you give me credit. Please? Pretty please?
An Ode To The Internet
I watch all these videos
But could my brain take
Another one of those dances
They call Harlem Shake?
RE: Politics
There once was a man named Nixon
He gave America a bad fixin'
And then Reagan came
He turned USA lame
With Reaganomics, he made us all schvitzin'.
All the guys ran US like drunk llamas
We elect them, though we don't wanna
But we're begging you please
Don't make us get on our knees
Don't mess up this time, Obama!
The Only Motivational Poem Left On Earth
I Watch The News
I watch the news
Every day
And it makes me sad to say
That it just sucks
The government says, "Hey!"
"Let's mess this country in every way!"
A Message To The Government (In The Style Of Rudyard Kipling)
You can keep on messing up, if it doesn't affect you
You're losing it and I want to punch you;
Can we trust you? I don't think so. Honestly, I doubt you,
And our tax allowance makes me doubt you, too;
If you can wait for USA to miraculously repair,
Well, get on your flying pig and come to the land of Ooo,
Get real and get off your butts, honestly, dudes, you're going nuts,
If you want America better, it's up to you!