Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here's something I don't get:
Fred Flintstone is always minding his own business, eating Fruity Pebbles. All of a sudden, Barney Rubble comes up to him and tries to steal his cereal in multiple ways.
What's up with this, Barney?
Can't you just go out and BUY your own cereal? Are you a cheapskate? Why would you even WANT cereal in the stone-age? In the Flintstones show, everything is made of rocks.
There are a bunch of things I could ask about this show, though it IS one of my favorites. Such as:
-If the cars are propelled by someone walking, why wouldn't you just walk around? And braking abruptly would hurt your skin a LOT.
-If all the appliances are animals, what would be a toilet? Does the ASPCA know about this problem?
-What exactly is the point of Fred's job? All he does is move a rock two inches.
-The houses in the show must be really long, because the Flintstones tend to run by the exact same background in a loop.