Friday, March 1, 2013

Overheard At Obama's Last Speech

At Obama's last speech, the following was overheard:

-"Harlem Shake?" "Maybe Later".
-"Man, his ears are pointy."
-"Hey, Beavis, He said 'duty'! Huh huh huh!"
-"Can't wait for the toga party after this speech is done. Word is, Obama'll wear a lampshade."
-"Waaaiit a minute, this isn't Comic Con."
-"When he gets to a minute and a half of talking, throw the brick!"
-"Pope? Is that you?"
-"I overheard the governors plotting to take over the world..."
-"Okay, wait until he has a stupid expression, then snap the picture, and send it back to MAD Magazine for big money!"
-"I just tried to use Obama's toilet, but it does a butt DNA scan before you can start."