Friday, December 28, 2012

The Oath Of The Popular Writer

A while back, I did the secret oath of the Microsoft worker.
The popular writers have one, too:

We must always write about wizards and wimps in middle school.
Using this method, we sell books to fools!
Then come the sequels,
Spinoffs, and prequels,
Oh, yes! Forget publishing something brand new,
We'll rip off Rowling and Jeff Kinney and say it's a renew.
Our books are always in the section, "Kids: 9-12",
So come pick a moneymaker off of our shelf!
And lest we forget good old Captain Underpants,
An original book that we always rip off, then dance.
Fart humor is great for selling to kids,
And heaven forbid that we care that infringement, we did.