Friday, August 3, 2012

Back From ANOTHER Vacation

I'm baaaack! (Again.)
This time I went to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.
I only have one more vacation coming up!
For this vacation, I went shopping in Buffalo and got the game "Sonic Rush Adventure". I'll give a review of it after I play it. (Marine The Raccoon, mate!) The hotel I stayed in has an awesome heated pool, and my room was GIANT. I spent a lot of time watching Cartoon Network in there, and before I fell asleep I watched part of a Storage Wars marathon. Now all that I think of is "Yuuuuuuup!" In Niagara falls, I got a Sock Monkey. Our hotel wasn't as nice, but it was pretty good. The pool there was freezing, but once you dip your head in, you get used to it. The hot tub there was AWESOME, and the sauna made me sweat a lot. I also went into Louie Tussaud's, THE greatest wax museum I've ever been in. The only thing that irked me was when I tried talking to Marty McFly.
("Marty! MARTY! We need to get you back to the future! Marty? MARTY! ANSWER ME! GREAT SCOTT, HE'S MADE OF WAX! This is heavy......")
Anyways, I was wondering:
Have you seen the Hawaiian Punch commercials?
If you haven't, I've posted it at the end of this post.
So, the kid with the weird hat's all like, "Hey, how about a nice Hawaiian Punch?" and the old dude's like,"Sure". So the kid punches him in the face.
But what if the old dude said, "no"?
Would the kid just stand there, feeling all awkward?
Or would he just say, "too bad", and then punch the guy anyway?
What happens AFTER the kid punches the old dude?
Is the old dude all like, "That's it, I'm suing you!"?
I'd kind of like to see the old dude sue the kid.
That would make an interesting commercial.
(I'm on to something.)
All the other mascots would be there, like the Tootsie Pop owl, the Trix rabbit, Sonny the cuckoo, etc.
The owl would be the judge and he'd say, "This is the case of the old dude versus the kid with the weird hat!" Then the platniff (old dude) would say, "Your honor, this kid punched me in the face when I asked for a Hawaiian Punch. The worst part is, I didn't even get the drink!" After that, the defendant (the kid) would be all like, "You said you wanted punch!" Then the defense attorney for the kid would be the Trix rabbit. He'd be all like, "Well, the old dude DID ask for a punch", but the attorney for the old dude (Count Chocula) would say, "But not literally!" Then, the count would go in his coffin and the rabbit would say, "Your honor, the defense rests." Then Sonny the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo would eat a bowl of Cocoa Puffs and go crazy that they'd have to end the trial and just ask the Charmin bear for a verdict, and he'd be like, "Charmin leaves less  pieces behind than Royale!"
And that would be the end.