Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I See Dead People

I saw "ParaNorman" yesterday, so here's a review......

ParaNorman (2012)

Plot: A kid named Norman can speak to the dead, and everybody in town thinks he's a freak, until a witch's curse brings back zombies from the dead.
But guess what?
The zombies don't actually want to eat brains; they're afraid of us. (I guess I would be, too, if a hugely-populated town was trying to kill me. Oh, wait, that happened last week.)

Is It Scary?: For little kids, probably. But then again, I saw the behind-the-scenes commercials, and it isn't half as scary when you see that it's stop-motion puppets....

Language: Surprisingly, this is a kids' movie with pretty strong language.

You'll Love It If: You're a fan of Tim Burton's movies.

Rating: Eight stars (Out of a possible ten). See, I changed my rating critera? It used to be five stars at maximum, so that means: "Dog Days": Ten stars, and "The Pirates!": Nine stars.
Anyway, this is a great stop-motion movie with LOTS of great humor.