Friday, August 24, 2012

Going Camping!

25 views in total yesterday.
Oh, hi!
I'm going camping and I won't be back until Sunday, but then I'm going straight to FanExpo.
So I probably won't post until Monday.
This is my first time going camping!
There's a water park there...with water slides!
(Water slides are my favorite rides of all time.)
There's also a tightrope.
When I'm back, I'll write about what I did.
By the way, now you can follow this blog by e-mail!
The button that says "Follow Inside A Cartoonist's Mind" is how you do it.
Just type in your e-mail, and voila!
All my new posts will be sent to you.
Plus, if you're in another country, you can translate it using the "Translate This Blog" button.
Select your language, and I'm speaking Yiddish!
(Or another language.)
Plus plus, I'm working on the Inside A Cartoonist's Mind eBook for Amazon Kindle!
Good grief, I've inserted three shameless plugs in a row!