Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Smarter Than The Average Blogger

Do you watch Hanna-Barbera cartoons?
I do.
But did you notice that pretty much all the characters either wear a hat, a collar, a dog collar, cuffs, a tie, or a bowtie?
Here is a list to prove it, courtesy of ICM (Inside A Cartoonist's Mind):
Fred Flintstone: Tie
Snaglepuss: Collar, Cuffs, Bowtie
Scooby-Doo: Dog Collar
Yogi Bear: Hat, Tie, Collar
Boo Boo: Tie
Huckleberry Hound: Hat, Bowtie
Wally Gator: Hat, Collar, Tie, Cuffs
Top Cat: Hat
Astro Jetson: Dog Collar
Quick Draw McGraw: Hat
Augie Doggie: Dog collar
Magilla Gorilla: Hat, Bowtie
Peter Potamus: Hat
Secret Squirrel: Hat
Pixie: Bowtie
Dixie: Bowtie
Mr. Jinx: Bowtie
Dick Dastardly: Hat (occasionally)
Lippy The Lion: Hat
Hardy Har Har: Hat, Collar, Bowtie
Harvey Birdman: Tie (Whenever he's an attorney)
And, even though they're Peyo's characters, Hanna-Barbera made the show-Smurfs: Hat
See what I mean?