Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Considering I started this blog a few weeks ago, my traffic is pretty high.
An example?
I get an average of 16-20 views a day.
A few days ago, I got 26!
I have readers in USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, and Spain.
I know that 16-20 views a day isn't a lot, but for a brand new blog it is.
So, thanks to all my readers!
Oh, wait. I should probably translate that for my readers in the French part of Canada, German people, Russian people, and Spanish people.
(In that order.)
Alors, merci à tous mes lecteurs!
 Also, vielen Dank an alle meine Leser!
 Так что, спасибо всем моим читателям!
 Así, gracias a todos mis lectores!
By the way, here is the COOLEST SUSHI ON EARTH.
(Unless they make a Peanuts or Garfiield one.)