Saturday, February 16, 2013

Big Fat Review

I watched Big Fat Liar yesterday....

Big Fat Liar (2002)

Plot: Okay, here we go: So, you've got the lying kid named Jason Sheperd who keeps lying and eventually his lies catch up with him. This time, his punishment for lying is that he has to write an 1000 word essay on whatever in 3 hours, so he writes a story about lying called "Big Fat Liar". Jason's on his way to deliver his essay to school when he rides his bike into a limo and blames it on the limo driver, so he gets to ride in the limo to his school with a movie maker named Marty Wolf. Jason leaves his essay in the limo and Marty reads it, and he thinks it's a great idea opposed to his current movie which features Jaleel White fighting crime with a chicken (it's stupid).  Jason lands in summer school for not having his essay, and his parents go off on vacation for a week or so. Maybe I'm the only person who noticed it, but YOU REALLY THINK THE PARENTS WOULD STAY WITH THEIR CHILD WHEN HE'S FORCED TO ENROLL IN SUMMER SCHOOL. But that's just a suggestion. So, Jason and his friend (some girl who's name I can't remember because they only say it, like, never) go to the movies after his first day of summer school, and they see a trailer for Big Fat Liar, because Marty has somehow been able to make a high-budget trailer after only one day. Jason gets mad because Marty didn't get his permission, so him and his friend just drop everything and go to LA. I thought that maybe Jason's summer school would notice he's gone and call his parents, but nah, whatever. Jason and his friend start living in Universal's movie studios's prop room which apparently has no form of security whatsoever, and Jason goes to see Marty and demands he calls his parents to say that he wrote Big Fat Liar. Marty refuses and sets Jason's original essay on fire with a cigar and pours Vodka on the fire, making it worse, as Marty isn't concerned that, you know, HIS WHOLE OFFICE COULD GO UP IN FLAMES. So, for the next few days, Jason and his friend enlist the help of a limo driver who's miffed at Marty to drive them around so they can mess with Marty. They turn Marty blue, make his hair orange, and glue his iPod's earbuds in his ear in hope of making Marty confess, but he doesn't. Eventually, they make Marty go to the wrong address when he's supposed to meet the president of Universal about Big Fat Liar, and the president gets mad, threatens to pull the plug on the movie, and Marty's on a deadline. Soon, Jason gets the help of everyone that hates Marty to make him miss his deadline, get him fired, and, as a bonus, Marty admits to the whole world that Jason created Big Fat Liar. Everything goes happily at the end.

Rating: 7 stars (out of a possible 10). The plotholes really begin to pile up as the movie rolls on, but it was a nice movie nevertheless.

Reccomended For: The average Joe. This movie doesn't really specifically target anyone.