Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Worst Endings For TV (Part Two)

Yesterday, I posted the worst endings for TV. (FYI: For Ren And Stimpy, I left out a disturbing scene where Ren beats the tar out of Stimpy, just to keep this blog family-friendly.) But I realized, I accidentally left out a few good bad endings....

ICM's Worst Endings For TV, Part Two

Seinfield: They all get jailed

An amazing, hilarious show by one of the greatest stand-up comics ever had a horrible ending.
The gang see a blind guy and start making fun of him for some reason. A cop sees them, and jails them for life as they have broken the Good Samaritan law.
In the last scene of the show, the gang's in a jail cell, and they're acting like nothing has happened. Um, yeah.
Curb Your Enthusiasm, a show by the writers of Seinfield, showed that the gang got out of jail years later, even though they had a life sentence.
Maybe the writers just ran out of ideas for the ending.

The Sopranos: The ending is just plain confusing

I never really watched this show, but the ending was so controversial, even Al Jaffee mocked it with a MAD Fold-In (when you folded it, it read, "Sopranos finale: sucked, or really sucked?" and the picture was just black).
So, the show ends with a character talking, and it fades to black in the middle of a word.
Don't get attached to this series, because the ending sucks.

Dallas: Satan takes over

At the end of this Texan series, JR is convinced by the devil to kill himself.
Now, JR is such a bigshot-jerkface, so why would he do so?
Because Satan possesses him.
The writers do know that soap operas are supposed to be realistic, right?

Baby Blues: The network pulls the plug in the middle of the series

Baby Blues, the awesome-as-awesome-gets comic strip by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, had a TV series on Adult Swim for a while (which is weird, because there was nothing bad about the series. I guess it was because most kids wouldn't understand the parenting jokes.), and it rocked, too.
Unfortunately, the series was cancelled at the end of season 2 when they had a whole other season ready and were working on more, so the end of the series was just....random. (Of course, this happened to other awesome series such as Police Squad, but this one was just bad.)
So, the episode is called "Wanda Moves Up", and a great guy named Castrum has posted it on YouTube as well as the rest of the series.
In the episode, Wanda gets a job and becomes a millionaire, and at the end (as a joke), Disney threatens to crush her company unless she sells it to them. Then, the great series unexpectedly ended, leaving Wanda bitterly unemployed.
Don't worry, though, the Baby Blues strip is still going strong and is unquestionably better than the TV show.

 Little House On The Prairie: They all explode

What else can I say? It's pretty self-explanatory. Their town explodes.
That was probably the most exciting part of the series, though.

Saint Elsewhere: The entire series was a lie, and a  cat dies slowly and painfully

Saint Elsewhere was a show about a hospital. If you've never heard of it, watch the Roger Rabbit cartoon "Tummy Trouble" and look at the name of the hospital: "St Nowhere".
Have you ever heard the infamous video game ending, "The cake was a lie"? Well, for Saint Elsewhere, the show was a lie.
Turns out, the entire series was an autistic kid's fantasy, which isn't so bad. It's rather heartwarming, actually (if you ask me).
But, at the end of each Saint Elsewhere episode, there's a cute kitty named Mimsie who's dressed up as a doctor. At the end of the finale, you see Mimsie on a deathbed, dead.
I don't care if the whole series was fake, but when you kill a cat, I HATE YOU.

Roseanne: Again, the entire series was a lie (No dead cat though. Yay!)

Like Saint Elsewhere, the entire series was a lie.
The series was a book Roseanne was writing, and for extra suck, Dan's dead.

Well, I'm done. And, as they say in the BEST ending for TV, that's all folks!