Sunday, January 27, 2013

2000+ Pageviews!

Gosh, a lot can happen in one day!
I forgot to blog yesterday, and at, like, six this morning I remembered.
I just logged on and I had 2002 pageviews!
You know what that means......
This calls for issue three of this blog's fake magazine that prints fake stories:

The National Exclaimer: 2000 Pageviews Edition

The blog Inside A Cartoonist's Mind (or ICM for short) has recently reached 2002 pageviews. We did a little research, and here's what we came up with:

The Truth Abut ICM

This blog was started around July/August 2012. By it's fourth month, it already had 1000 pageviews. This was suspicious. We did a little snooping around (TMZ-style), and reailzed that the author of the blog, Cartoonist Guy, always goes to the bathroom at 3:30-4:00 PM every day. We have concluded that in his bathroom he hides an illegal group of a strange alien race that writes this blog FOR him and reads it for him too.
We hacked his Skype and interviewed him:
Cartoonist Guy: Hey! What the-what's going on?
National Exclaimer: We have overidden your Skype signal. It's okay because we're the media!
CG: Go away.
NE: No! We know you don't use your bathroom for pooping!
CG: Uh...are you okay?
NE: It is YOU who isn't okay. Release the aliens or we'll keep calling!
CG: But I can decline your calls.
NE: Oh...right....but you shouldn't---
CG: Ah, social media!
After this strange Skype, we grew even more suspicious. We finally went over to his house and raided his bathroom. Surprisingly, there were no aliens. He started investigating the inside of his toilet as he came in and called 911.
As we write this magazine from our jail cell, we grow more suspicious. We've made another conclusion: Cartoonist Guy keeps a native group of illegitimate koalas in his basement that write and read ICM!!
That's all for now. We'll make another issue during parole.