Sunday, January 20, 2013

Clueless Man Reviews Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of the top five shows on Cartoon Network, in my opinion:
1) MAD and Looney Tunes Show (tied for first)
2) Adventure Time
3)Annoying Orange
4) Regular Show
5) Gumball
So, I wondered: what if some clueless old fart reviewed it?
ICM exclusively presents Clueless Man's review of Adventure Time:

Hey there, I'm Clueless Man! I watched this animation-thingy here, and this is what I think it's about. So, you've got this guy in a weird hood named "Finn". Why they would name him after a fish's body part is beyond me, but he has this elastic dog who's missing pupils like Little Orphan Annie....actually, the dog looks like Annie's dog. The elastic dog's called "Jake", and he's, like, some sort of lab experiment gone wrong. He can stretch! Anyways, Finn and Jake like going on adventures with some depressed woman and a female Kirby that lives in Candy Land....oh, and some Nyan Cat named "Rainicorn"! They live with a Gameboy that sounds like a woman who has a slight Mexican accent, but it's actually a guy, and they play games on it, though it's alive. There's also that Bowser guy from Mario who kidnaps princesses, though he lives in the ice kingdom, and he looks like a blue Santa Claus who's lost his fair share of weight. Finn and Jake's dad died, and their dad was a dog even though Finn's a human and JAKE'S the dog, and he sounds like Mike from Monster's Inc. They always fight big clueless enemies like slugs and dragons and monsters, and each episode ends with a rainbow, which makes me think that Nyan-Rainicorn had a big influence on the show. Oh, and the theme song is about five seconds long and sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom stall. Anyways, that's my review. I'm off to go watch that new movie about the Donkey Kong who works with a repair-man to earn a medal in some arcade! Bye!