Thursday, January 17, 2013

Skype Manual


How To Properly Operate Skype

So you've joined the world of Skype! Welcome, welcome. Be ready for people dropping in on you when you're half-naked, and when they do, awkward pauses on your side of the video leaving you with a stupid face.
To avoid stupid freeze-frames like the ones I just mentioned, refrain
 from playing accordion in pajamas.

   To properly operate Skype, you must follow the directions in this manual. So simple (and brutally honest), any idiot could use Skype! Let's go!
How To Install Skype
Hit "Intstall". Duh.
How To Add Contacts To Skype
Let's say that your mom has Skype, too, and she wants you to add her. This is dumb because you live in her basement, but here's how to add her.
Suppose her name is "Tina Seabass". Just search "Tina Seabass" on Skype. Select the correct Tina Seabass (same state and city she lives in), and hit add contact. Avoid using this to stalk celebrities, please.
How To Video Call On Skype
Select a contact, and hit "Video Call". Now, most people don't like talking to wimps like you,, so don't expect them to pick up.