Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is a day late, but whatever.
Happy new year!
2013 marks two important things:
1) The apocalypse was a fake
2) This blog has survived a year!
Honestly, who would care about the end of the world if this blog weren't around?
In 2013, we can look forward to:
-Christmas songs on the radio until February.
-Hopefully, Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Part Two.
-Psy putting out another hit, and Justin Bieber doing something stupid trying to top him.
-Another year of my MAD Magazine and Sonic The Hedgehog subscriptions.
-Obama saying something controversial.
-Some other pointless internet craze.
-PlayStation and  Xbox trying to upstage Nintendo's Wii U.
-Another live-action Cartoon Network show, ruining the whole "cartoon" part of the network.
-Linday Lohan getting arrested (again).
-One Direction putting out some other album that nobody will care about because Justin Bieber is putting out another slab of songs trying to top Psy, which will inevitably fail. Go Psy!!

Happy new year (again)!!!!