Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back To The Confuser

There have been rumors going around that Bob Zemeckis (Who Framed Roger Rabbit's director), director of Back To The Future and it's other two movies, may make Back To The Future 4!
When the rumor began, it was said that Justin Bieber would play one of Doc Brown's kids.
I think that this will no longer be true, due to the fact that he's on drugs and doing other weird crud and blaming it on people who hate him and claiming we don't know how "hard it is".
(Yeah, must be such a pain to sit in your mansion and write songs in your hot tub.......)
Anyways, Back To The Future's trilogy was amazing.
Will Zemeckis ruin the fourth one just like how Abrams will possibly destroy Star Wars?
Well, I have no idea how the public will react to this rumored sequel. Sequels are hated: A Christmas Story 2, Grease 2, High School Musical 2, and any movie with Jar-Jar Binks (I like him, but lots of people don't).
Okay, class, put on your thinking caps!
Back To The Future 3 ended with no way for any continuity. It was a perfect ending, Marty saving his guitar-playing career, Doc having kids, blah blah blah.
Now, what they'll most likely do is what I like to call, "ICM's Star Wars 7 Theory".
For the aforementioned Star Wars 7, it is said that it will continue like this:
So, we all remember Darth Vader throwing Emperor off the Death Star into that pit, whatever it is. Supposedly, this sequel will reveal that Emperor just fell on top of some ship flying by the pit, he survives, all leading up to him saying this line:
"Luke! I am your grandfather".
No, I'm not joking! This may be true!
So, in Back To The Future 4, the bad guy, Biff, will probably find some way to take over again, and the first three movies will technically be replayed.
If you need me, I'll be in my room, crying over this.