Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Ode To This Blog

Today I was out of ideas for a blog, so here is...........

An Ode To ICM

By Cartoonist Guy

Wreck-It Ralph has actually left the theaters,
The Peanuts movie (in 2015) we'll soon see.
So how about an ode to Inside A Cartoonist's Mind?
A shameless plug written by me. 
Liberal pokes at Obama and Reagan,
Roger Rabbit references and jokes,
Laughing 'bout how Romney lost the election,
Writing dumb stuff chugging Coke. (What else would've rhymed?)
Movie reviews every time that I see one,
Being rated with stars out of ten.
This is where Sanic the hedgehog's webseries
Was abruptly announced and began.
Disney buying Star Wars,
Howard the duck,
Cheapo dollar stores,
Ratatoing (A ripoff with no luck),
All of these things have been mentioned.
Search this blog and you'll find,
Deep in the archives , you'll see 'em,
Inside A Cartoonist's Mind.