Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dizzy Pixart Presents: Ratatoing (A Ripoff)

Last night, I came across an old joke gift.
It was a DVD called "Chop Kick Panda And Friends".
Chop Kick Panda is obviously Kung-Fu Panda, but there were three other ripoff-uh, movies on the DVD:
-Ratatoing (Ripoff of Ratatouille)
-What's Up (Ripoff of Up and Ghostbusters)
-The Frog Prince (Ripoff of Princess And The Frog).
I watched Ratatoing and What's Up (which is the most racist kid's movie in the world), a few minutes of Chop Kick Panda, and I didn't even bother to watch The Frog Prince.
Ratatoing was the worst one on the DVD, so I'll review it:

Ratatoing (2007)

Plot: A blue rat has a great sense of smell and is an excellent chef (where have I seen THAT before?), and a rival restaurant is trying to figure out where he gets his ingredients. He has two friends working with him at his restaurant, one is named Greg, and the other one's name is not even mentioned in the movie. I am now looking at the back of the DVD case, and it says her name is "Carol". Apparently, they put on spy gear (and you know that because there's a five-minute sequence every ten minutes showing them putting the gear on) and raid a human restaurant's kitchen. The bad guys try to get the chef (who's name is Marcell, by the way) and his pals killed by letting the human restaurant know they have rats (technically, every person in the movie is a thug). How do they do this? The bad guy rats run around the restaurant yelling, "blah" and doing the performing Russian line-dances.......FOR TWENTY MINUTES OR SO. The next time Marcell and company try to raid the kitchen, there is a cat waiting to eat them. Later, they befriend the cat and get two of the four evil sent to a lab where they apparently get treated very well. Personally I was hoping all the rats would die.

Rating: One star (out of a possible ten). This originally had four stars, but it lost a point for originality, another one for quality, and one more for just sucking.

Animation Quality: Ye gads, don't even get me started. According to the credits, three people did the animation: the director, the executive producer, and some random person. There is only a background for about two scenes, the mouths aren't even in sync with the audio, and here's my favorite part: whenever someone stops talking, they just freeze in the position they finished in, making an awkward pose. (This happened most frequently with the rat named Greg.)

You'll Love It If: You're in the process of having a lobotomy.

Reccomended For: An enemy.