Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY Harry Potter Novel

Hey, kids! Wanna be the next big author? Well, ICM exclusively presents a DIY Harry Potter novel! You see, I've written the basics for you, but do you see numbers in random places? Look down at the chart below the story, and choose one of the options from the part of the chart with that number to replace the number in the actual story! Let's go....

ICM's DIY Harry Potter Novel

It was a (1) day at Hogwart's school, until (2) class. Harry found a scroll in (3), which told him something about the final Holcrux. "(4)," Harry exclaimed. "I need to find this or (5) will be in trouble......again!" He enlisted the help of Ron and Hermione, his two friends. "According to this," Hermione declared, "The Horcrux should be guarded in (6)." But Harry took a (7) the map. "No, Hermione, you're (8)! The Horcrux map shows a picture of me, which means that (9)!!" Harry had to destroy himself. He said (10) to his friends, then...............TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT BOOK
(1)= -Normal
(3)=-Someone's desk
-A urinal
-The bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza
-Side A Cartoonist's Mind
(4)=-My word!
-Holy rusty metal, Batman!
-Is it Burrito day today?
-The book's plot
-My mom....oh, wait, she's dead, but if she were still alive, she-
(6)=-The chamber that's off-limits to students
-A pineapple under the sea
-The jungle, the wild jungle, the lion sleeps tonight
-Obama's bedroom
(7)=-Closer look at
-Poop on
-Jab at
-Load of money from the bank, then looked at-
-An idiot
-Not Ron
-Too angry
(9)=-The Horcrux is INSIDE me
-Luke, I am your father
-Kraft Dinner DOES have MSG
-We can keep running this into extra books and make a truckload of cash
-So long, suckers
-Th-th-tha-th-th-that's all, folks