Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make Your Own Beavis And Butthead Script

A few posts ago, I presented a DIY Harry Potter script. Well, these two idiot teenagers have been getting away with the same three jokes for decades, so just fill in the blanks and you've got--

ICM's DIY Beavis And Butthead Script

(With apologies to Mike Judge and MTV. But more Mike Judge, because MTV is stupid nowadays.)

Beavis: Hey, (1)! (2) sucks!
Butthead: Yeah! Huh huh huh! Wanna go (3)?
Beavis: Nah, let's prank call (4).
-Butthead: Yeah! Huh huh huh!
-Sexy lady, op-op-op-op, oppan gangnam style
-Hey, Hey, it's Faaaaaaaaaaaat Albert
-You, with the face
(2)=-This music video
-People who say stuff "sucks"
-Boston Red
-This show
(3)=-Light a fire
-Work in South Park as a stunt double for Kenny
-To the bathroom
-Point out how JarJar Binks is strangely similar to Roger Rabbit
(4)=-The guy across the street
-A machine
-My mom
-Al Roker